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Welcome to MeditatingTV,

Here you can control sound volumes and other things on your computer with your heart rate. Since ancient times people have used drama and meditation to process feelings and learn. Now, you can do both in an easy way.

People use this page by itself, or they leave it up while they use another tab or window to watch Netflix, YouTube, do an email, or whatever they need. It keeps working as a background sound that is quieter than other sites.

The heart rate feedback on this site is a way to teach mindfulness. Heart rate feedback is proven to increase performance in students and at work by increasing concentration by at least 30%. And, it also lowers anxiety by about the same amount. These results were proven in research at The University of Pennsylvania and other places. You can read more about the research in a new window or tab here.

Everyone uses their ability to look inside themselves. And, everyone uses logic to figure our their own drama and patterns. Here are a few things people do while meditating:

  • Some people say positive words to themselves like “peace” or mantras to keep their attention on a positive thing.
  • Some people start by following their breath to make it steady and deep enough.
  • And, some people start by feeling through their feelings like swimming and surfing.

MeditatingTV uses a quiet wave sound that plays in the background. It is set to play by itself, or while you use other tabs or windows in your browser with other sites like Netflix, YouTube, work, whatever. You can set it up, and then put a show on full screen.

The wave sound goes up and down with your heart rate. When you relax, you hear your shows more! It only works on laptops and desktops with a webcam in steady lighting. It is proven that meditation makes concentration 2-3 times stronger. You can watch your heart rate below while sitting steadily in front of the camera. You have to turn the camera on and use Google Chrome.

Our heart rhythms affect other people’s heart rhythms at least 6 feet away (according to The Heart Math Institute’s research). The heart has a bigger electrical field than the brain too.

Louder waves mean more focus (too much leads to stress), steady waves mean steady attention (too much leads to being rigid), quieter sounds means more relaxation (too much leads to fogginess). Each person’s situation and time of day needs different things. We recommend limiting your times to 30 minutes for most days. A full hour will be a deep meditation, and more than that or doing that everyday may be too much. We ask that people not do more than an hour. Each user has to figure out how much is enough, and each user agrees to accept responsibility for how they use the site.

Thanks, Peter Meilahn, I have taught to staff and clients from The Minnesota Council for the Gifted and Talented, The Learning Disability Association of Minnesota, The University of Minnesota Medical Center, The Mayo Clinic, Hazelden, and other places. I am also the founder of The Minnesota Biofeedback Clinic – (this link will open in another tab or window so you don’t have to leave this page).

You can go to the MeditatingTV heart rate feedback tool in a new tab or page here.


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